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Superhero Short DARK SPECTER 2 To Be Featured At San Diego Comic-Con

After racking up a slew of awards over the last year including four “Best Short Film” wins, DARK SPECTER 2 will be featured at Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival in San Diego this July.  The superhero short has been gaining praise for its unique take on the genre, combining action, comedy, and an original storyline. Created by Bruce Nachsin, the character known as the Dark Specter is an unlikely supervillain. Though he can throw fire from his arms, he’s not all powerful or accomplished. In fact, he’s unknown. A supervillain wannabe if you will. Mixing action with comedy, the story takes an interesting turn when we are shown the Dark Specter’s relationship with his mother. Nagging, but well-meaning, she is clearly suffering from the early stages of dementia. The Dark Specter is torn between his rise to infamy and caring for his loved one. Ah, the challenges of balancing the pursuit of dreams with reality. DARK SPECTER 2 is scheduled to be shown at Comic-Con  International Independent Film Festival in San Diego on Saturday, July 20th.  Dark Specter 2 will be part of the “Comics-Oriented” block which starts at 11:00 AM.  The Dark Specter team will be available to meet with fans and filmmakers who are interested in discussing the film.  A short panel discussion will take place following the showing.

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