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New Teaser Trailer for Live Action ALADDIN Appears!!

Continuing the trend of popular Disney animated films getting the live-action treatment comes Aladdin. Like its animated predecessor, the film tells the tale of a street-smart thief Aladdin, who falls in love with the Sultan's daughter and embarks on an epic journey to win her hand. During his quest, he unwittingly plays a pawn at the hands of the evil vizier, Jafar, who needs Aladdin's help to remove a mysterious lamp from the Cave of Wonders. Instead, Aladdin discovers that the secret of the lamp is a wisecracking Genie that grants him three wishes. But before he can use all three wishes, Jafar steals the lamp and Aladdin must outwit the vizier to save the Sultan's kingdom.

Check the new teaser for the highly-anticipated film below....

ALADDIN releases on May 24, 2019.

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