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Yetide Badaki Interview: American Gods & More!

It's Yetide Badaki's birthday today! Hooray! Happy birthday, Yetide!

Yetide Badaki and Emily S. Whitten at New York Comic Con 2017.

I'm fortunate to have known Yetide for awhile now, and so I know firsthand that she is an amazing and lovely person, as well as a super-talented actress. You may know her from her role as the stunning and nuanced Bilquis in Neil Gaiman's American Gods, but she's done much more than that. Including, most recently, writing and co-starring in the upcoming short Hollywoodland, a comedy inspired by the classic story of Alice in Wonderland and Yetide's experiences as an actress in Hollywood. I can't wait to see it!

To celebrate Yetide's birthday, let's listen to this interview I was delighted to do with her at New York Comic Con 2017!* In it, you can hear about Yetide's background and how she got her start in acting; some favorite acting experiences; her work as Bilquis on American Gods and that memorable opening scene; her acting process; geeking out about great sci-fi and fantasy works; and much more. Enjoy!

Thanks, Yetide, for taking the time to sit down with me and share a bit of your life and perspective. I hope you had a wonderful birthday (and that all of Yetide's fans enjoyed this little glimpse into her life). Cheers!

*Alas, I had misplaced the recording, but lo, it has resurfaced just in time, and fortunately, is just as relevant today as it was when we recorded!

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