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2018 All Star Comic Con EXCLUSIVE: Special Guest Brian Muir

Though there are a couple of villains - from various forms of media - that have reached pop culture status, few would argue the position that Darth Vader holds upon the Mount Rushmore of iconic villains. From the character's music theme to his iconic voice, Darth Vader, to this day, is a character that strikes fear into movie-goers. With that in mind, at All Star Comic Con a couple of weeks ago, I spoke with renowned film sculptor, Brian Muir, the man who sculpted the villain's iconic helmet.

If the name doesn't sound familiar to you, it should, as Mr. Muir has sculpted many of the iconic pieces that movie fans have come to enjoy on the big screen. For instance, in addition to sculpting Vader's helmet, Mr. Muir was also one of two people who sculpted the iconic Space Jockey in 1979's ALIEN. Check out my interview with him below...

Edited by Brandon Troy

Camera Work by Jerome Bourgeois

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