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2018 Farpoint Con EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Mary Fan

One of the biggest Movers and Shakers in sci-fi literature is Mary Fan. Mary is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from Princeton University, with a degree in arts and music, who now calls New Jersey home. Although music is her first love, Mary has turned her energies to writing - having started back in 2013 when she published the first in her Jane Colt Trilogy, a series of novels which followed a young woman who went on a quest to save her brother. In her novel, Starswept, Mary returns to her first love of music by creating a story about a young human dancer named Iris who struggles to gain alien patrons in order to improve her life. However, upon meeting an alien boy, she soon learns that all is not as it seems.

Aside from the works discussed above, Mary is also one of the driving forces behind the Brave New Girls anthology series. In this bestselling anthology series, Mary, along with fellow editor Paige Daniels, brought together an exciting group of new science fiction writers to write a series of short stories centered around teenage girls who use science and technology to save the day. All proceeds made from this series will go to help the Society of Women Engineers scholarship fund (which reaches out to girls and encourages them to pursue degrees and careers in science and engineering. How do I know all this, you ask? Well, as a side note, Mary and Paige have published two of my stories in the prior BNG anthologies. If that wasn't enough, Mary has an upcoming fantasy work (due in May of this year) titled Flynn Nightsider and the Edge of Evil, which tells the story of a young rebel named Flynn struggling to save his people from a race of magical oppressors.

In my interview with her, we not only highlight many of her works (past & new) mentioned above, but also talk about her decision to join Crazy 8 Press. You can find the interview below...

Interview by Josh Pritchett Jr.

Camera Work & Editing by Brandon Troy

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