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2018 Farpoint EXCLUSIVE: Special Guest Nana Visitor

Few can deny "the walls broken down" by the Star Trek series known as Deep Space Nine. Like prior Star Trek entries, it provided a lot of "firsts" not yet scene on television, thanks its thematic focus on issues such PTSD, racism, etc. With that said, I took the opportunity to speak with actress and Farpoint Special Guest, Nana Visitor, who brought the fan-favorite character of Kira Nerys to life.

In our interview, we initially discussed how she joined the show - which surprisingly, might have never happened if she had listened to her manager at the time. However, thanks to some persistence from the series' executive producer, Rick Berman, who told Visitor about the series' importance (i.e. the show's fanbase, the societal issues it would tackle, the series' production values with its sets, and the characters' backstories), Visitor would not only fire her manager (at the time), but also become one of the most memorable aspects of the series. Additionally, we also discussed how the series still resonates today thanks to its undeniable portrayal of diversity with its cast. Check it out below...

Camera Work by Brandon Troy

Edited by Brandon Troy

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