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Thomas Ackerman Talks BEETLEJUICE 2

Aside from maybe his role as Batman, another iconic role which fans have been pining for Michael Keaton to return to is his role as the devious yet charismatic BEETLEJUICE. Unfortunately, despite news in the last few years of a possible sequel to the 1988 film, that reality seems to be all the less likely due to Keaton's busy schedule (see his recent roles in award worthy fare such as THE FOUNDER as well as his villainous turn as The Vulture in the MCU- SPIDERMAN film known as SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING). With that said, there is still one person receptive to the idea if it happens, and that is the original film's Director of Photography (and frequent Tim Burton-collaborator) Thomas Ackerman.

While in attendance at the 2017 Virginia Film Festival this weekend, I took the opportunity to ask Mr. Ackerman - who was a special guest this year - in my interview with him (stay tuned for the full interview later ;) ) to ask about the long in development sequel. When asked if he would still be interested in working on the film should Keaton and Burton return, he said the following....


"I would be very willing to take part in it...I have to say that those conversations [to do the sequel] have been very prolonged, they have been ongoing, for 2 or 3 years, or more....but if it were to happen and if I were invited back I would certainly like to do it...."

"It was a joy shooting [the original film] for Tim [Burton] in every way."


So it would appear that the original film's Director of Photography is game to do the sequel, now the only things missing are the star and the director. But what do you all think? Should BEETLEJUICE come back or is it best that he stay dead? Let me know in the comments...

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