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2017 NOVA Con EXCLUSIVE: Special Guest John Wesley Shipp

Though the current small screen iteration of The Flash is all the rage now, many of us forget that one of the shows that set the groundwork for its success was The Flash TV series from the 90s. Starring John Wesley Shipp in the lead role, the series - despite its one season on the air - has, in the time since, garnered a cult status among fans. So much so, that it has helped to propel Shipp back into Central City, not only in the role of Barry Allen's father, Henry Allen, but also as a different incarnation of The Flash (see Jay Garrick). Therefore I spoke with the actor to get his thoughts on what has caused the topic of superheroes to be such a trend currently in pop culture. Check out what he had to say on the matter in the two-part interview listed below...



Edited by Brandon Troy

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