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2017 San Diego Comic Con EXCLUSIVE: Rachel Keller Talks FX's LEGION

Apart from the two comic book cinematic universes adapted from DC Comics and Marvel Comics, respectively, one universe that people often overlook is the X-Men cinematic universe developed by 20th Century Fox. Additionally, much like its contemporaries mentioned above, there exist a few live action TV shows that are inspired by their characters. One good example of such a show is the new mind-bending FX's series known as Legion. Following a schizophrenic mutant named David Waller, the show follows the character as he navigates a world still adjusting to the existence of mutants.

During the Fantasy, Fiction, and Fandom Panel, I caught up with panel moderator, Rachel Keller, who just so happens to be a series regular on the show. In the interview, we chat about the challenges which the show provides to an actor/actress and also what it takes to work as an actor/actress in the industry. Check out the interview below...

Interview conducted by Brandon Troy

Camera work by Jerome Bourgeois

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